Philips x Hyper Island

Project: Philips x Hyper Island

Projects field(s): UX/UI, Interactive Design, Visual Design, Art Direction 

Roles: Art Direction, UX, Project Management 

Background: For Philips, we were tasked with thinking about the user experience for an IoT connected bathroom that focuses on Philips sensor technology and their product portfolio.

Concept: In our team consisting of Bjørn Andersen, Nicklas Nordby Andersen, Fanny Wacklin-Nilsson, Roni Sarraf, Camilo Vargas, Andrew van Hyfte and Shila Vikström; we collectively decided to focus on a younger demographic; 11–14 year olds. Our goal was to find the exact touchpoints that an integration of the Philips product portfolio could assist this teenage group the best. Our objective was developing a Philips connected bathroom experience to create healthier habits and reduce stress in the morning. 

Goal: We proposed a user-experience interface that met the user’s requirements by allowing customizable settings to integrate seemlessly with your life. We aimed to do this by introducing a custom Philips interface and Philips Connected Mirror .

Deliverables: Case film explaining our solution, Philips 'Connected Morning'.