Project: Vimy x Hyper Island

Projects field(s): Motion, Web, Brand Identy & Strategy

Roles: Art Direction, Project Management, Concept Development, Brand Identity & Strategy.

Vimy came to us with a vision; They wanted to make recruitment and the hiring process easy and time-effiecient for both parties. 

Their mission is to help young passionate people to get their first real jobs and to help developing the career of young people by connecting them with opportunities such as jobs, people and information. 

In out team of 6; David Arvidson, Laura Buencuerpo, Shila Vikström, Sofia Lyu, Timur Kildigulov, Whitney Macaluso we created a concept that was aimed to personalize the service and in that process making the hiring process more fun and rewarding for young people as well as more effiecient for recruiters. We created a specific proposal about how to make the right branding, logo and look and feel for a target audience of young people between 18-30 years old. Vimy got very well received and was successfully launched. 

Brandbook: Brand book, messaging guidelines, look & feel of web and app.